Daily Facts vs. Fruit Sizing

Our weekly fruits/veggies are used to represent the overall length or weight of baby during that time period. However, the daily facts are a bit more specific. One day we may say baby is as long as a jalapeno, and the next day we may reference baby weighs as much as a slice of bread. We may even specify that baby's foot is the size of a jelly bean.

Our team did extensive research to compare baby's average growth rate to everyday items, so we do hope you enjoy these quirky comparisons. If you notice any specific examples that you think we should review, feel free to send a note and we'll gladly take another look.

For a more accurate image of baby each week, you may enjoy our Inside the Bump feature which includes 3D renderings of baby's growth.

1. Log in to the app
2. At the top of the home screen, tap into How Big is Baby
3. Scroll about halfway down this page and you’ll find the Inside the Bump feature section
4. Tap the Launch Week# button, and you’ll now see the 3D rendering of your baby’s current growth stage. You can scroll around, zoom in and out, and click on the highlighted areas to read unique facts about your baby’s development.

We hope this helps clarify any confusion. Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions.