Enabling iCloud Back Up When Using The Bump App (iOS)

How iCloud Backup works

iCloud helps keep your data safe in two main ways: syncing and backing up. For example, if you’re using iCloud Photos, iCloud Drive or Notes, your information will be synced to the cloud automatically and kept up to date across all of your devices whenever you make a change. 

Any data on your device that isn’t synced regularly will be stored in your iCloud Backup. With Backup turned on, iCloud takes periodic snapshots of this data to make sure it’s easy to restore any time you get a new device. 

Between syncing and backing up, all of your data is kept safe in the cloud.


The Bump and iCloud backup

With the iCloud Backup enabled all the data from The Bump will be backed up to the iCloud. If user has the backup turned on on their iPhone (which is the default setting) they do not need to take any action and the data will be turned on and backed up on their iCloud.


What if user doesn’t have iCloud backup enabled?

In that case user will have to turn on this option on their phone. 

1.Open the Settings app and tap your name from the top.

2.Tap iCloud.

3.Choose iCloud Backup.

4.Enable the switch for Back Up This iPhone.

5.Tap Back Up Now, and it will start backing up your device.

6.Even if you don’t tap Back Up Now, you can exit out of this screen, and your iPhone will automatically back up when it’s connected to Wi-Fi and is charging with its screen locked.

Two iPhone screenshots showing how to back up iPhone to iCloud


What if user has to manually turn on backup for The Bump

  1. Open the Settings app and tap your name from the top.
  2. Tap iCloud.
  3. Go to Apps using iCloud, click on Show All
  4. Find The Bump and toggle On the iCloud sync