How do I change the email address on my account?

You can update your email address through The Bump app or website. 

When using the app...
1. Tap on your profile icon (top right corner
2. Scroll down, and tap on Account Settings
3. Tap on Email Preferences
4. After you're redirected to My Account, tap on the Profile tab (left of Email Preferences)
5. Enter your preferred email address, scroll to the bottom and tap Update
6. You may be prompted to enter your password to verify your change*
7. Log out and back in again, to ensure your app is reflecting your changes. 

When using the website...
1. Login to your account using a desktop or laptop
2. Go to Account & More, at the bottom of the blue bar on the left
3. Click into My Account
3. Under your Profile tab, type over the current details to enter your preferred email address
4. Scroll down and click Update
5. It should say "Changes saved"*
6. Log out and back in again, to ensure your account is reflecting your changes. 

*NOTE: If you get an error message, your new email address may already be in our system and connected with a different membership account. Feel free to contact our team by using the "Submit a Request" form here in the Help Center for further assistance.