I've had a miscarriage. How do I delete my profile?

First & foremost, we are so sorry to hear of your loss and truly hope you are doing ok.  

You you can easily report your loss through The Bump app or website. If using the app...
1. Tap your profile icon (top, right corner)
2. Tap your current Pregnant status
3. Tap I have experienced a loss
4. This will give you an option to either update to Trying to conceive after a loss or Nothing for now
5. Tap Save
6. To ensure the app notifications on your device are also updated with this change, we recommend that you log out of the app and then back in again.

If you're using the website...
1. Log in to the your account at TheBump.com
2. Click on Account & More (at the bottom of the left menu), and select My Account
3. Click on your current Pregnant profile on the My Profiles tab
5. Select Remove Profile (under the blue Save Edit button)
6. This will give you an option to make note of your loss and update your status as you prefer

Once you report a loss, any saved content, photos, and/or comments connected with your profile will be removed immediately - however, your membership account will remain active. You can continue to participate in Community or select to receive TTC content. Any previously selected pregnancy-related email subscriptions will be automatically cancelled until you opt-in again. 

If you have an active listing on The Bump Registry that needs to be removed, or if you prefer we make the adjustments to your profile on your behalf, please submit the Submit a Request form you find here in our Help Center. We look forward to working on this quickly for you. 

Take care.